Tuesday, May 25, 2010

QueenNancy's "Transparency": Not

The Democrat Congress shuts down information sources.

...Every couple of years, using the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and often only after overcoming official resistance, EWG would update the database and there would be a flurry of news stories about celebrities, professional athletes, journalists, and others who clearly were not farmers being paid millions of tax dollars by USDA not to farm.

Well, you can forget about updating that story any time soon because USDA is no longer updating the database. Seems that the Democratic Congress in 2008 changed the law that previously required the department to maintain the database to say that doing so was merely optional.

The federal farm bureaucrats naturally opted out of disclosing how much they were paying people like former ABC News White House correspondent Sam Donaldson and multi-millionaire David Rockefeller not to grow crops. No doubt the decision was made to "save tax dollars."

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