Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama to Vacation, Skip Memorial Day at Arlington


Another insult to US Armed Forces and the country in general.

Next week, after a long Memorial Day weekend at their other home in Chicago, the Obamas will return to the White House and the Banghra will give way in the East Room to the music of Paul McCartney. --NYTimes, quoted by WZ

ONE term is 4 years too many.


Mary Martha said...

Personally I am furious that he is going to the Abraham Lincoln national cemetery instead.

Why? Because my father is buried there and now I can't go visit my father's grave without dealing with this ridiculousness.

I know it's selfish to think of things that way... but arrgghhh

Jim said...

So it's OK for Reagan and Bush to do it but not Obama, is that it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, ye hypocrite. As Jim pointed out, Reagan and G. H. W. Bush did something else instead, and Reagan was even in Virginia at the time.

Of course DaddyZero was similarly agitated at the time, right?

Grow up, doofus!

Amy said...

See, unlike Obama, the fact that Reagan and Bush both respected the military is evident.

Obama doesn't consider them worthy to shine his shoes.

Vinny D said...

Anonymous...the fact Reagan and Bush "did it"...this country was not at war. We are now. This is disrespect to our service men and women, ONCE AGAIN! You can keep this jerks "Hope and Change"...this isn't the CHANGE I want, and I HOPE he, and his party pay dearly this Nov.

Anonymous said...

You're at war because Bush started an illegal war that has killed thousands of US servicemen, but the real outrage is that Obama's taking a vacation. Yep, your country has a good grasp on it's priorities.

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Timothy Flores said...

O wait for all you who refused to serve in the Military even when they could serve or Vote shut up. I am a Veteran. I see Arlington as a place. What about the Veterans buried around the World. Why should Arlington be so much different then a small cemetery somewhere else in the World. The presidents should travel to different Cemeteries while in office on Memorial Day. Second one of the Bush clans did not attend Memorial Day at Arlington once in all his terms of office.