Saturday, May 29, 2010

'Damn Near Russia' Advisers: Boot on the Neck!!

Coming soon to other towns in Wisconsin.

Elected municipal leaders, not an appointed commission, should determine where and how cities grow in Wisconsin, according to Verona’s director of planning and development.

[T]he Capital Area Regional Planning Commission, formed in 2007, is an advisory board to the DNR to ensure municipalities that extend water and sewer services in the Madison metropolitan area do not hurt water quality. The commission rejected a city of Verona request to annex 265 acres from the town of Verona.

The Commission has Commissars, too, just like in the model-country.

There's more.

State law requires 60 percent storm water retention for new commercial development in urban service areas.

Verona’s plan proposed 90 percent retention, but commissioners said they want 100 percent.

I don't know why the Commissars didn't demand 125% retention.

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