Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Back-Story on the MU Dean Non-Hire

Warrior reposts good stuff from an MU Theo prof on the real problem at MU.

...what is so notable about the Jodi O’Brien case is not that in originally offering to her the Deanship the University was making new and brave intellectual commitments that launched it into a leadership role for the rest of contemporary American academe. Quite the contrary. Because homosexual orientation, activity, and scholarship is now so normalized in the Academy and indeed in the culture, the pursuing, interviewing and hiring of a scholar-advocate of homosexuality for an academic position, even a visible upper-administration position, is a daily occurrence. Marquette did not lead, it followed.

PLENTY more at the link, all of it absolutely dead-on.


Anonymous said...

good grief. the woman does not "advocate" homosexuality, she simply studies it without condemning it. Is that really what qualifies for advocacy in your world?

Tim Morrissey said...

Was this post vetted by Biddy Martin?

Anonymous said...

While I agree that O'Brien's papers are way too out there, what does Dad29 have to say about all the professors, staff and students at Marquette who engage in premarital sex? If we are judging people for religious reasons, than we should be consistent. Unfortunately, if we removed all the premarital sex-havers, the campus would be virtually empty since studies show that 96-98% of heterosexuals engage in premarital sex.

Dad29 said...

Your comparison fails.

The DEAN of Liberal Arts is not the same as a 'student' or 'staffer.'

Nor was the candidate rejected for practicing pre-marital sex.

Anonymous said...

My point is, how is engaging in gay sex different from premarital sex or masturbation? In both cases, you are breaking a sexual Bible rule. I am a Conservative because Conservatives are always consistent in their beliefs, but this is the one area where many (not all) are inconsistent and I just can't get on board with it.

I understand she was not rejected for practicing homosexuality but rather for having views that conflict with Catholic teachings. I'm willing to bet that the next dean will have engaged in premarital sex or practiced "self-love," so the next dean will also have views that conflict with Catholic teachings but no one seems to mind when it involves heterosexuality and violation of Bible rules, just homosexuality.

Dad29 said...

"Having views" is NOT the issue.

PUBLISHING those views IS the issue.

You write about your self-love? Approvingly? Or your marital infidelity?