Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twin Targets: NYC and Bush

Holder maintains that Obama "knew nothing" about Holder's decision to prosecute non-citizen murdering terrorists (non-State enemy combatants) in NYC.


The actual target of Holder's utterly insane decision: GWBush, whose Administration will be 'found guilty' of all sorts of 'violations' of 'human' rights (assuming that the non-State murderers/terrorists are actually human).

That way, GWB, Cheney, et.al. will be eligible for trial in other countries, or by the World Court.


The other result will be the targeting of NYC for additional terrorist/murdering folks--non-State actors, of course--who will do everything possible to disrupt the proceedings. That's not my opinion--it's the opinion of the Governor of New York State, a Democrat.

Holder has always been a political animal, despite all the rah-rah about his 'integrity.'

Nothing changed, and his feckless lying about Obama's involvement doesn't change that.

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