Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flynn, Barrett Resignation Call?

Channel 4 News reports that "Milwaukee TEA Party" has called for the resignations of Ed Flynn and Tom Barrett.

Apparently, these folks think Flynn should resign over a morals issue.

I don't know who "Milwaukee TEA Party" consists of, and frankly, I don't care what Ed Flynn does in his spare time, although it seems that he has a lot of time away from his wife and children.

That's sad for the wife and children, but not exactly a compelling reason for him to resign.

I hope that "Milwaukee TEA Party" restricts itself to ending Big Gummint and Big Taxes. That's stuff we can all support wholeheartedly.


Andrew K said...

I've heard that Flynn is rarely in office, yet he gets paid more than the previous police chiefs.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Conservatives need to shut up about moral issues and worry about "Bit Gummint and Big Taxes".

Dad29 said...

So what, Andy? Does he get the job done? And does sitting in his office constitute "work"?

I have a suspicion about who pushed "Milwaukee TEA Party" to make that inane call; most likely it's a cop or ex-cop.

They had "morals clauses" under the Brier regime and think nothing should have changed.

Well, maybe, maybe not. But that's more a personal agenda than a taxpayer agenda.

Anonymous said...

This absolutely kills me. A public official carrying on an affair, but it's a "personal" issue, one that people need not fuss about. So as long as Flynn "gets the job done" rather than polishing his nob, who cares? It's a "private matter". Thou shalt not commit adultery.

Either we hold ALL (Dems and Reps) our public officials accountable to uphold the highest standards of morality, or we shut our pie-holes when the public demands recourse when politicians and public servants are involved in extramarital affairs, regardless if he/she "came clean" and "apologized" OR "denied", then "lied", then "admitted".

Neo-Con Tastic said...

"Easy" "on" "the" "quotation" "marks", "killer".

Dad29 said...


The TEA Party should not be involved with Flynn, period.

The TEA Party should be involved ONLY with Big Gummint/Big Spending/Big Tax issues.

I'll be happy to discuss moral purity in public servants. Another time.

Andrew K said...

I'm not sure if he is getting the job done. I haven't seen the latest crime statistics.

However, I think a Chief should be in the city somewhere, and when he's getting paid, he probably ought to be working.

Display Name said...

Yeah, but the TEA Party is taking over the world. Why would they stop at any particular issue? Have you listened to the gripes of the TEA Party attendees? They have a laundry list of corrections they want to apply, by force.

Dad29 said...

Andy, you're being silly.

Flynn is an executive, not a street cop. His job is to set overall strategy based on the policies enunciated by the F&P commission and to see to it that his managers implement the strategies successfully.

As to 'being in the city', his duties include being OUT of the City for purposes of education AND for purposes of representing the City at appropriate events.

Finally, while crime-stats are important (and going down, IIRC), that's hardly the ONLY measure of his success in the job. Morale? Safety of officers? Public Perception of the PD?

All of those count, too.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Everytime Foust opens his mouth, shit comes out and then he reinserts his foot.

Par for the course there Johnny.

Andrew K said...