Friday, November 20, 2009

Timmy-Boy Gets All Pissy

Geithner evades, sidesteps, and Blames Bush!


Lots more at PowerLine, but another Congresscritter is doing the questioning.

Secretary Geithner, you were referencing in your answer to an earlier question about when the financial catastrophe started in September, October of last year, if I understood you correctly, you said that this country did not have the tools to manage that panic. But the inference that I took from that was that there were countries overseas that did have such tools.

Now, I recall a phone call with your predecessor in late October of 2008, when it became public that the United States was pumping monies into the central bank in Europe, and other places. And I suggested that was not the correct thing to be doing. And he said, if the United States is not helping these countries, then they will collapse....

GEITHNER: Congressman, there is no country that came into this crisis with the tools to manage it effectively. And the basic failure I described here was a common failure.One thing you saw around the world was...

BURGESS: Well, let me ask you a question. Then how did George Bush cause those countries to be unprepared for a financial crisis?

Timmy-Boy did not have a coherent answer. Nor was he able to dribble forth an answer when he was reminded that Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall (pushed there by a wrong-headed (R), yes.) Nor to the BawneeFwank rapes of Fannie/Freddie/Ginnie/FHA.

buh-bye, Timmy. Take the Marxist/Statist President with you.


Jeremy R. Shown said...

Even if Timmy goes down, will anyone be able to tell the difference?

I mean one technocrat with a slavish devotion to serving the interests of powerful business is just like another, isn't it?

Dad29 said...

No, no one will be able to tell the difference.

Powerful biz/powerful politician, same difference. It's the Corporatist Statism.

Anonymous said...

Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall.

Actually, a REPUBLICAN-LED Congress passed this perverted legislation that repealed it. Clinton signed it into law. Very few lawmakers even read the act, which was part of a larger bill package.

Dad29 said...

If you knew how to read, Anony, you'd note that I mentioned the (R) influence.

That would be Phil Gramm, an ideologue-gone-wrong.

Let me know when you pass Reading 101.

Anonymous said...

Again, a president CANNOT repeal legislation. He/she can only veto it.

But, you are right, I made an error in haste. My bad. At least I can admit my mistakes. Can you?