Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DA Chisholm Is Absolutely Right

Interesting interview with Milwaukee County DA Chisholm on the issue of handguns. The unmentioned name, by the way, is James Doyle, Ideologue/Idiot.

Chisholm: I want to make concealed carry a felony offense. In order to do that you would have to create some form of a permitting system so someone could legally carry a concealed weapon and those who did [illegally carry a concealed weapon] would face felony consequences.

Shepherd: Why should concealed carry become a felony offense?

Chisholm: Now [as a misdemeanor] you could get caught 100 times and you could still walk into a gun store and buy a gun. From my perspective, we prosecute 350 to 400 people every year for carrying concealed weapons. Every single one of those individuals would be prohibited from owning a firearm in the future if it was a felony offense.

Not unreasonable at all. Of course, he has a hair-on-fire-Liberal red-screech-alarm proposal, too: the State must allow concealed-carry permits.

Shepherd: You recently proposed a firearm reform package that includes a concealed carry permitting system. As a prosecutor who has long been concerned about gun violence, why would you want to allow concealed carry in the state?

Chisholm: The package that I am advocating for is based on 10 years of really focused firearm violence prevention strategies. The reality is that Wisconsin’s CCW [carrying concealed weapons] statute, 941.23, has always been one of the most overbroad and constitutionally challengeable statutes in the country. At the same time, it’s been paired with one of the weakest penalties for committing the offense of CCW. So you’ve got really the worst of all worlds.

Umnnnhhhh...yah. Chisholm was reading this blog.

Chisholm: In the [Hamdan] Supreme Court decision, the court upheld the constitutionality of the CCW statute, but barely so. What [the court] basically said was [that the Legislature] needs to start looking very closely at this law and figure out what [it is] going to do with this in the future. But what we’ve done is nothing. So we’ve been living on borrowed time. And that time is up now.

...I’m going to make a prediction right now because I don’t know if we have the will and the foresight to do this but I predict that nothing will happen and that Chicago vs. McDonald will hold that the Second Amendment is incorporated into the 14th Amendment [and call into question other state and local gun laws]. Then 20 seconds later the NRA will file a challenge to [Wisconsin’s concealed carry statute] and they will win. And at that point in time we will be left with no CCW and no regulatory scheme at all. That’s what I think will happen

He's absolutely correct. James Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin, has enforced his ideology on the State, and the State will LOSE its case against concealed carry. Worst, when the NRA wins its suit, anyone.....ANYONE......will have the Constitutional right to carry a concealed weapon.

You can bet that Chisholm thinks Doyle is a bozo. Too bad he won't say so directly.

HT: FoxPolitics

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