Friday, November 20, 2009

Doyle Kills the Racetrack

Belling reports that Doyle killed off the Milwaukee Mile, through apparently bad-faith bargaining by his State Fair Board. The report states that the Board chaircritter changed a critical term of the agreement unilaterally......

That Board includes a woman named Wickhem-House, named as a "superlawyer" who practices at Foley & Lardner. Haaaaahvaaaahhhhrd, and all that.

Another member of the State Fair board is a sheep farmer. There's a painting contractor, a wife of another lawyer, and the Chaircritter is with WE Energies.

"Superlawyer" and bad-faith bargaining?

The JS Blog reports:

"Apparently, Sue Crane and her board just simply don't understand business, business protocol or good faith contract negotiations," Frank and Dominic Giuffre wrote in a letter to the board.

"We now have no intention of going anywhere with Sue Crane and her board, because you quite simply can't be trusted," they wrote.

Last one to leave, please turn off the lights.


capper said...

Ah, so now bad faith bargaining is a problem? What changed?

Dad29 said...

Nothing changed---with Doyle.

He has only one faith: his campaign-fund.

capper said...

Hmmm. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

So, why is it bad for Doyle, but not Walker?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Capper, do you ever stop and listen to the crap that comes out of your mouth?