Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Test for "Mr. Civil Liberties," Russ Feingold

The Senate ObamaCare bill oozed out from under the rock yesterday, and included tax-supported abortions.

This is an opportunity for our "Mr. Civil Liberties"--Russ Feingold--to demonstrate that he's actually honest. For what "civil libertarian" could possibly force all taxpayers to pay for what most people believe is murder pure?

That's not to focus merely on the murders, of course. The entire bill is a misbegotten spawn of Progressive pizza-fueled dreams which will bankrupt the country AND erode or dispatch, over time, the excellence of our current healthcare environment.

We don't expect "Mr. Civil Liberties" to recognize the larger problems. He's made it clear that Statism is just fine and dandy with him.

But 'point-of-a-gun-you-will-pay-to-murder-babies'?

A good test, indeed.

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