Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Silly Season in WI Legislature: SB174

The silly season commences. Here are a few names for you to note:

Senators Coggs and Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Young, A. Williams, Turner, Berceau, Grigsby, Colon, Richards, Kessler, Sinicki and Pasch.

That's the masthead from SB174. The bill, if passed as written, will ban sales of new handguns in Wisconsin sometime after 1/1/11.

You read that right. It will BAN sales of new handguns in Wisconsin.

This bill prohibits a gun manufacturer or a firearms dealer from transferring
a semiautomatic handgun that does not produce an identifying code (microstamp)
on each cartridge case it expends if both of the following apply: 1) the handgun was
manufactured on or after January 1, 2011; and 2) the handgun has not previously
been transferred to a person that is not a manufacturer or dealer (new handgun).
This bill also prohibits a manufacturer in this state from manufacturing, on or after
January 1, 2011, a semiautomatic handgun that does not produce a microstamp.

The bill also requires manufacturers and dealers who transfer a handgun that
is required to produce microstamps to certify that the handgun, if it is a new
handgun, produces microstamps and that the manufacturer of the handgun will
disclose to a law enforcement agency that has collected a microstamp from an
expended cartridge during a criminal investigation the make, model, and serial
number of the handgun that expended the cartridge.

Since "microstamping" technology is not proven, and since no handgun manufacturer uses it, the language will simply stop new-gun sales in the State.

And, of course, any damn fool with a file can delete 'microstamps' in short order.

Microstamping technology has not been developed. Even if it were, it is easily defeated, and only those who believe in the Tooth Fairy would offer this legislation.

The list of those believers is above.

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