Sunday, November 29, 2009

Field and Forest Solitude

Having been invited by a generous pal to spend some time Up Nort' (actually, in west-central Wisconsin), I took part in this year's search for the mythical 20-pointer.

The mythical 20-pointer and all his friends and relatives had apparently skedaddled to Southeastern Wisconsin. They were enjoying Black Friday at Mayfair, or the Farmers' Market, or something.

You can still see and hear a lot. Hawks quietly bleating in flight, turkeys yobbling, squirrels chuckling, crows gone madnoise...and the 4:30 freight train a couple miles distant; now and then a cracking branch somewhere in the woods, and some faraway gunshots.

Very far away.

And, of course, we all imitated GWB, clearing brush from the back yard between stand-times. Another 10 years or so, and the back yard will be a park. Maybe the 20-pointer will stop by for a picnic there...

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Grim said...

I've been doing that a lot lately -- clearing brush, etc.