Tuesday, November 17, 2009

By the Way, Bp. Listecki...A Little Housecleaning Is In Order

Welcome to Milwaukee!

Now there's this little problem you can address...

Seems that our local Campaign for Human Development has a rather strange bedfellow, given that we're Catholic.

Voces de la Frontera – Wisconsin - $50,000

Promoted homosexual campaign “Gayneighbor.org” for ally group Equality Wisconsin in Oct. 2009 newsletter

Listed as member of “Health Care for America Now

Health Care for America Now firmly stated

When we say health care for all, we also mean preserving the reproductive health care coverage women currently have.”

(Richard Kirsche) “Unfortunately, the House legislation included a provision that will deny some women access to abortion services, a standard benefit now available on the insurance market. We will work to see that women have access to comprehensive health coverage in the final bill that passes.”

A central promise of health care reform is that if you like the health care coverage you have, you can keep it. Today in America, millions of women who buy health care on their own or who get it through the small business employer have abortion care coverage. Congressman Stupak's amendment would strip them of that coverage, breaking that central promise.Stupak wants to outlaw abortion coverage in the new health insurance Exchange, where individuals and small businesses will purchase their coverage. Instead, women would only be able to purchase abortion coverage in a "abortion rider" plan - a single-service plan that covers abortion only. Such an "abortion rider" is discriminatory and illogical. Women do not plan to have unintended pregnancies (or pregnancies in which a complication will arise that will require ending the pregnancy). In fact, about half of all pregnancies are unintended. Abortion is simply not something that women plan to insure against.

Fifty grand?

We previously mentioned the Alinskyite bunch.

Housecleaning time, Your Grace.


Amy said...

Agreed. Major housecleaning is necessary.

Badger Catholic said...

A problem in many dioceses, including Green Bay.