Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Doyle the Vengeful Dictator

Democrats don't like Doyle, either, which is the thrust of this article from WI (HT Sykes).

This vignette, significant in itself, tells you all about Doyle's modus operandi: pure "punish your enemies." Pigheaded, stupid, and to Hell with the public interest.

Take, for example, WMC's questionable decision late in the 2006 election to dump a ton of issue money attacking Doyle even though most polling showed Green on the fast train to Palookaville. Whatever WMC's logic, Cullen says the Doyle team overreacted.

The governor, he says, "tried to use the power of the office to get even with WMC instead of saying, 'You guys made a bad bet. I tried to work with you. Now I'm going back to my base and pursue my legislative agenda'."

"But there was no legislative agenda," he says. "The Doyle people spent their time trying to dismantle WMC. Some people might get a kick out of that, but it doesnt accomplish anything."

He didn't have much use for Legislators--which did not help him. To Doyle, being Governor is being Dictator.

Think not? Then explain Doyle's decision to shut down the longest-operating auto racing track in the entire USA. He achieved that by ordering his State Fair Board to unilaterally change a critical portion of the agreement language.

Doyle simply could not stand giving John Menard (and his partners) a 'win,' even though that 'win' was also a 'win' for Milwaukee.

The Vengeful Dictator struck again.

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