Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hypothetical, Of Course: Manslaughter Charges for Doyle?


State transportation officials moved Thursday to replace three bridges in the Zoo Interchange by June, through a unique emergency construction effort that would limit full road closures on the spans to three weekends.

The deteriorating bridges carry traffic northbound on I-894/45 through the interchange and serve as the connecting ramps for traffic moving from northbound I-894 to westbound I-94, and from southbound I-45 to eastbound I-94.

Based on recent inspections, the State Department of Transportation determined those 40-year-old bridges need to be replaced immediately, for safety reasons

We all know that James Earl Doyle, Governor of Wisconsin, in conjunction with Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, has delayed the rebuild of the Zoo Interchange from the day he assumed office. It's parenthetical that he also stole the trust-fund money needed to PAY for the replacements.

So if one of those bridges collapses and a bunch of people die, should Doyle (and maybe Tommy) be charged with manslaughter?

Why not?

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a lawyer, but it's something that the voters of the state should consider for next year. I still haven't seen any reasonable explanation why the reconstruction of I-94 between the airport and the toll booths took precedence over a rebuild of the Zoo Interchange.