Monday, August 15, 2005

Which Belling is Belling?

During the last week, Mark Belling observed that Mark Green 'was insubstantial.'

During the last week, Mark Belling observed: "There’s nothing particularly wrong with Mark Green other than that he poses far less of a threat to Doyle."

One COULD argue that "insubstantial" and "nothing particularly wrong" have roughly congruent meanings. But not in a reality-based world.

Moving on, Belling observes (rightly): "Green’s northeastern Wisconsin base is largely Republican and it’s unlikely Green could attract many votes from traditional Democrats. On the other hand, Doyle is terrified that Walker could cut into the normally Democratic stronghold of Milwaukee. In fact, it’s likely that Walker would win his home county. It’s impossible for a Democrat to win a statewide election without carrying Milwaukee County."

What Belling fails to mention is that it is highly unlikely that a Milwaukee political figure will win a Governor's race. Name the last Wisconsin Governor who came from the Milwaukee "southeast corner sewer"... ....we're waiting....

Finally, Belling seems to think that if Green defeats Walker in the primary, that Walker will simply walk away (I couldn't resist) from the gubernatorial campaign, and leave Green on a limb.

If Walker does that, he loses all his well-earned respect in the Party. And he won't, will he?

Belling is correct in stating that Doyle has a lot to fear in the upcoming election. But frankly, I don't think it makes any difference whatsoever which opponent Doyle faces. If Doyle wins, it will be due ONLY to several thousand vote frauds---and I don't think that Doyle can count on the assistance of Tom Barrett. The fraud will have to come from Racine, Kenosha, and Dane counties.

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