Friday, August 19, 2005

Defining Deviancy Down (Below the Navel, Anyway)

Milwaukee's vice-squad shut down something called "Naked Boys Singing," a musical entertainment (?). Apparently the venue did not have a proper theater license.

Xoff is in anguish, and joins the homosexual community in asking whether the vice-squad should be working on this sort of thing while "violent crime" is so high in Milwaukee.

It's a mis-direction play, of course. "Naked Boys Singing" is a non-violent crime, regardless of whether some Court or other agrees with the definition. You don't need three degrees in law to know that Courts give color to the old saw "the law is an ass."

The Milwaukee police department's charge is to pursue crime. They do--both the non-violent AND the violent types.

Xoff's libertine rantings aside, crime is crime.

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