Friday, August 19, 2005

Planned Parenthood: Go HOME!

From a pilgrim to WYD/Cologne:

We heard some of the WYD staff discussing some of the events the day the pilgrims arrived. Apparently on Monday Planned Parenthood did an all-out promotion, and plastered all the subways and railways in Cologne with pro-condom posters. But from the hour the pilgrims started arriving, the posters started coming down. Most pilgrims ripped selectively, crossways and upwards, to tear out the shape of a cross across the posters. Others took the whole things down (apparently unaware or unfazed by the fact that this is a criminal offense here). By the end of the first day, nothing was left on the subways but ripped-out crosses and bare walls. That's the energy here. It's not that the kids are necessarily fiercely orthodox. It's just that this is their show, it's their time, it's their Church, and they don't want anyone raining on their parade, or cramming ideology down their throats.

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Anonymous said...

For people attending a religious event which will cramm ideology down their throat to the max, it seems kinda ironic. Perhaps you should clarify and say that "they don't want anyone raining on their parade, or cramming ideology 'involuntarily' down their throats."
I guess as long as they accept to be brainwashed it is okay, but how dare others try to brainwash them without their explicit consent!

Dad29 said...

Better read up on the definition of "ideology."

That's a belief system which simply DISPOSES of facts which contra-indicate the belief system.

Sorry to tell you that Catholicism is not an "ideology."

But you seem to have one! Hope you're happy with it...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would think that anyone who attends WYD did so because they share the THEOLOGY being presented and don't appreciate others purposefully offending them.

What I think is ironic is that WYD is so scary to so many people! It basically means the Church will go on even if the media doesn't like it.