Sunday, August 07, 2005

Liturgeists. Nope. Not a Mis-Spelling

Since I am unable to outright steal the article w/copy& paste, you have to view it here:

Worth the read even if you are not of the Roman Catholic persuasion.


Bernard Brandt said...

Ah, that puts me in mind of a conversation my parish priest, Fr. Alexei Smith, had with a RC "liturgeist" (I do hope I'm spelling that correctly). She asked Fr. A what options he chose when "celebrating" the liturgy. He quietly answered that what he did was to open the service book, start reading at the beginning, and continue on until he got to the end. That's how we Russian Catholics do things, and it's pretty much how Orthodox do them as well, except they are not so gentle about the process.

Which is to say, Russian Catholics eat liturgeists for breakfast (after the Divine Liturgy, thank you. Orthodox are even nastier.

Dad29 said...

You have a privilege, BB.

Treat it with respect and gratitude.

Bernard Brandt said...

You are entirely right. I have a great privilege in attending St. Andrew Russian Catholic Church. It is, as I have remarked any number of times, an oasis in what otherwise is a spiritual desert. I met my first, late, wife, Carolyn, there, and my second (thankfully still living) wife, Elizabeth, as well as any number of good friends.

I am also privileged in having Fr. Alexei Smith as my parish priest. He is one of the three finest homilists I have ever heard (the other two are Bishop Kallistos Ware, an Orthodox Bishop, and Fr. Malcolm Boyd, a heretical Episcopal "priest" [one must give even the Devil his due])

There is not a week that goes by that I do not thank God for St. Andrew Church, and for Fr. Alexei.