Sunday, August 21, 2005

"Patch" Technology Gone Catholic

If you are Catholic and haven't read The Curt Jester, you've missed not only a good dose of humor, but a good overall blogspot. (

In this piece, the Jester examines the possibilities for "patch" remedies:

We could add one of local interest (of at least 5 dozen possibilities)

Father Aiken, pastor of St. Sebastian/Milwaukee:

"After being persuaded by my Ordinary that the patch is the only alternative to outright banishment, I decided to try it, knowing that My Own Personal Liturgical Aberrations (MOPLA) were, after all, likely to remain habitual--these publicly-practiced solitary sins, after all, were GOOD for the public.

"But in the very first week of using the Patch, I found that I was regularly using the Gloria when prescribed in daily Masses. After only 10 days, I found myself reading the Canon of the Mass (and the Consecration formulas) directly from the Missal. By the end of the treatment, I was utilizing Latin, and had begun to think of applying this wonder-fabric to the "musician" so that we could be "in sync", together, with the Mind of the Church.

"After the treatment, I found myself writing a long letter of apology to my Parish, my FORMER parish (St. Alphonsus,) and to others, not of my parish, whom I had scandalized.

"This has been an amazing epiphany for me, and the theme of World Youth Day is applied consciously. I can only speculate what might occur if this Patch is applied to the current Papal Liturgist."

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