Monday, August 22, 2005

Straws In the Wind

Bainbridge and Andy McCarthy (of NRO) now join the "What Are We Doing in Iraq?" club.

It is reported that the US is now using muscle to force Iraqi constitution-writers to enshrine the Muslim Sharia Law into the new Iraqi constitution--in effect, making the "new" Iraq into a Muslim State. (Reported by the WaPost, among others.) If this becomes the reality, all the Administration's blather about "establishing a democracy" in Iraq will have been merely propaganda--for no Sharia Government is "democratic" in any sense of the term.

Bainbridge couches his concern for Iraqi policy amidst a laundry-list of significant Bush domestic disappointments--principally that Bush is flaccid, to say the least, as a 'limited government' type, and even worse as a spender. Bush's roll-over-and-take-it approach to the Highway bill is simply disgusting.

Wisconsin residents had the advantage of insight early-on: Bush's pick of Tommy Thompson, who never met an addition to the Government he didn't like, was an augur. So we have a Ted Kennedy-written Education bill, a General Electric-written tax bill (last year,) a passive affirmation that Red China actually conforms with MFN rules (utterly preposterous...) and a CAFTA which was passed only after the skulduggery of the Democrat Party was applied to Congress.

Not to mention the abominable decision about McCain-Feingold.

Personally, I've always wondered at the magical nomination of GWB the first time around.

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