Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Homer v. Hannity

Inspired by Belling (!)--it SHOULD be Homer at 6:00.

While the morning WISN lineup is of zero interest to me (see below), the 6:00 Homer show was always interesting. Always. Frankly, I'm no jock--so the show provides an entertaining education. No, I don't listen religiously every night. But when I'm listening to after-6 radio, it's Homer.

Besides, Hannity is simply not interesting. Maybe he's a chick-magnet, and maybe he's a nice guy. But his show is un-informative, and mostly a commercial for his FoxNewsChannel gig.

That's not just my opinion, either. Serious conservative bloggers either pan Hannity, or simply don't mention him because they (unlike moi) have tact. FreePers universally dislike the show.

When Hannity's on WISN, I'm back to WFMR (106.9).

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Jeff Miller said...

One week I heard the bloggers on the Northern Alliance radio network (folks from Captains Quarters, Powerline, Shot in the Dark, etc) talk about Hannity and they were spot on. He repeats things endlessly and he is really not a good political theorist at all.

And of course there is his cafeterial Catholicism on the issue of contraception.

My favorite talk show host though is Hugh Hewitt.