Saturday, August 20, 2005

MSM--the Same, Everywhere

Noted by another blogger--this report from the British Broadcasting Company:

About 400,000 Christians are in Cologne for a Catholic World Youth Festival. Their numbers are expected to double when the Pope preaches at an outdoor mass on Sunday.

The World Youth Day festival, invented by the late Pope, is held in a different part of the world every three years.

Arriving on Thursday, the Pope said he wanted to reinvigorate Christianity in an increasingly secular Europe.

The Pope has frequently bemoaned the waning role of the Church in Europe and says he hopes his trip will help kick-start "a wave of new faith among young people".

Vatican observers will be watching to see what sort of relationship he is able to establish with young Catholics, our correspondent says.

Many of them have been openly critical of the prohibitions he issued during the 20 years when he headed the Roman Catholic Church's disciplinary body.


Duhhhh...WHICH "prohibitions" have they been critical about? How many is "MANY"? Is "many" more than the "others" who are NOT critical of the mysterious "prohibitions?"

Yeah--it looks a bit like editors chopped up the story. On the other hand, it also looks like The Agenda is in play. The Agenda that the NYTimes 'cannot find' (with regard the Air America fraud, e.g.) The Agenda which does NOT call Cindy Sheehan 'liberal' but which DOES call her counter-protesters "conservative."

You know---THAT agenda.

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Anonymous said...

I think its clear that the news media is the last place to get any kind of information.

All of us have known people interviewed on the news. What was said on camera is edited to fit any agenda, with the persuasive comments pruned.

Make no mistake. They know what they are doing.