Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's All About MEEEE!!!

Cindy Sheehan, in her own words:

I wanted him [Rumsfield] to look me in the face and see my red swollen eyes and to see all the lines that grief has etched. I wanted him to see the unbearable pain his ignorance and arrogance has caused me (

A Hat Tip to Bulldog McAdams:


Anonymous said...

When of course, everyone knows it's all about Bush ("These are the folks 'at tried to kill m'Dad!")

Bernard Brandt said...

Of course, it is all about Cindy, or rather, all about her self-absorbed and ill-considered thoughts about herself, Bush, and the reasons for the Iraq War.

What I would like to hear Bush say to her, and others, but for reasons of policy, I doubt that he ever will, would be something like this:

"I am sorry that your son died, just as I am sorry that the sons of so many have had to die for our country or our country's part in any number of wars, from the War of Independence to the most recent one.

"But I believe that, on the basis of the best information I had at the time, the then-ruler of Iraq was in the process of obtaining nuclear weapons, as he had been trying for the last twenty years. I also believe that had he been able to obtain them, he would have used them to bomb Israel, and in the process, to have started World War II and the deaths of countless millions of peoples. I still believe that had Saddam Hussain not been stopped, he would still be in the process of obtaining and using such weapons, and at such a cost to all of us.

"On the basis of that belief, I acted to stop what I thought was an immanent threat to world peace. Even if we knew then what we know now, I would still have acted as I did, in the name of peace.

"It has been said that had the Allied Forces been willing to act in 1936, Hitler could have been stopped at a cost of only 50,000 casualties, instead of the 40,000,000 who died as a result of that failure. I believe that those who have died now have helped to prevent far more than 40 million deaths. I also believe that if we do not complete the prosecution of the present war, that the deaths of our soldiers, including your son, will have been in vain."

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did her son enlist if he didn't want to serve his country?

Say all you want to her, she doesn't care. Life isn't about sacrifice anymore to many people. What did she think--gee, my son is in the military, no threats here.

Bush is right to say nothing. Anything he says is misquoted fuel for the fire. They don't want his words of comfort, they want his hide. Since there is no point in arguing--you can't win with people who are determined to hate you--why say anything?

People like this are the aging baby boomers who demand an easy, pleasant life of free sex, food, entertainment, travel, exclusive rights over others, leisure, pampering. When real life cuts in, the complaining begins.

Simple lesson here: If you enlist in the military there might actually be a war that you may have to serve in. Yes, you could die in service. The same goes for police enforcement, firefighters, lifeguards at the beach.