Thursday, August 25, 2005

John Gard Questions

Ambitious John Gard is now running for the 8th District Congressional seat. He's well-prepared as a politician, insofar as Ambitious John has never had 'a real job'--it's been "public service" all the way.

Well-SORT-OF public service. Ambitious John also serves himself--and cuts off opposition, even from within the Party, at the knees, at least according to Kerry Thomas, in a copyrighted piece found here.

Money quote: "...[beginning with] Mark Green... the list of invited Republican speakers, candidates all, grew to include Assemblyman Dan Meyer, Attorney General candidate J.B. Van Hollen, Jean Hundertmark, candidate for Lt. Governor, and Assembly Speaker John Gard, who is now a candidate for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District.

Notably absent from the guest list was Assemblywoman Terri McCormick, who is also a candidate for Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District. Remember, the Republican Party has an official policy of neutrality when it comes to fellow Republicans competing for elected office.

Since this event was officially sponsored by the Vilas County Republicans, of whom I am a member, and the Oneida County Republicans, I thought the omission of Terri McCormick was an oversight. I invited McCormick to come to this forum, where I assumed, since she is a congressional candidate, she would be given an opportunity to speak. I was wrong.

One by one, the speakers took to the microphone. One by one they took turns introducing themselves, and talking about Republican values. It was enlightening to hear two of the more well known speakers refer to their personal relationships with John Gard. No one bothered to say anything about Terri McCormick. She was denied any opportunity to address the assembled crowd. One of the Vilas County Republican officers said he felt “uncomfortable” allowing McCormick to speak."

I have no idea what positions Ms. McCormick takes on issues. Looks like nobody ELSE is going to find out too easily, either.


Anonymous said...

I have watched as that race has developed and I think I can understand exactly what happened in this case.

By her own July press release regarding her fundraising efforts, McCormick admits that she is not an ‘announced’ candidate and she admits that she hasn’t raised a dime. Both of those facts indicate that she is not a serious candidate, but she is looking for a graceful exit.

If you read this release, I think it is rather obvious:

Anonymous said...

If you actually read McCormick's press release, she clearly says she has spent her time in the Assembly representing her constituents, not out raising campaign funds, unlike Gard. She also points out that at this time in his initial campaign, Mark Green hadn't raised $1,000 yet. Despite the common belief, money isn't the only thing that counts in this race. We still have more than a year to go until the primary.

Anonymous said...

It's not difficult to find out where McCormick stands on any topic. Just read through the legislative proposals she's introduced. Isn't that the way to judge ANY politician's positions?