Saturday, July 06, 2024

WI Biden Money-Spigot Now OFF

Reported at the Thinker, from a NYSlimes article:

...The Biden campaign had discussed sending Mr. Biden to Wisconsin for a late July fund-raiser, according to three people briefed on the plans. But donors who had committed to giving large sums and attending began withdrawing soon after the debate ended.

The campaign had hoped to raise $1 million from the event, but after the debate, campaign officials reset the event’s goal to $500,000, according to one person involved in arranging it. Even that proved to be more than Wisconsin donors were willing to give to Mr. Biden.
Plans for the event are now off....

What's Judy Faulkner going to do with all that excess cash now?


Anonymous said...
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Dad29 said...

Yah, well, stay on topic--which is NOT about Israel.

Anonymous said...

The topic was money spigots ? No?

Anonymous said...

If the money spigot was formed by loop holes and contorting law to create a tit on the side of fed govt that they attach themselves to how is that off topic?

Anonymous said...

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Madonna with accretion of cells containing Human DNA, in mixed media.

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