Saturday, July 06, 2024

Vos *Hearts* Ballot Drop-Boxes

A big part of Robin Vos' legacy in Wisconsin will be Election Fraud.

A few years ago, in a court case regarding drop-boxes, we find the below passage in a filing by Marc Elias.  (Formatting on Blogger means the cite is a few grafs down.)

This is not hard to grok, except for egoistic morons like Vos.  The elections clerk sends out ballots on request to "registered voters" and those ballots are then harvested by party operatives and stuffed into the drop-boxes.  But there is no chain-of-custody here.  Further, we do not know if the "registered voter" actually marked the ballot because there is little--if any--signature-match verification done in *certain* municipalities.  That "registered voter" could have moved--or dropped dead--but the ballot is available to......someone.  Further, it has been alleged that many of the "registered voters" offer addresses which are warehouses, industrial buildings, and/or apartment buildings wherein 'no such person' lives--but the ballots are left in the mail area on the floor or in a large, open container.

In Wisconsin, it only takes 20,000 ballots to win or lose, and there are five cities where Democrats simply own all the machinery:  clerks, processing people, and drop-box pickup personnel.  Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, and Green Bay are easily capable of producing an extra 20K "votes," especially given the size of Milwaukee.

Don't make me laugh about the post-election canvass, either.  We were present for the one in '20 covering Milwaukee County.  Signature verification--from 10 feet away?  Yah.  That's what the Pubbies pushed onto volunteers.  After about 2 hours of that, those of us with half a brain and things to do just left. 

Thanks, Robin--and Fitz--for your legacy.

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