Tuesday, July 09, 2024

A Moment With Biden. Dumb Reporting, Too!!

 Ace dug this out of the weeds.  It's from the WSJ:

...The campaign has long directed donors to submit their questions for the president in advance, including at an event this year in South Florida with only eight people attending, according to a donor. Biden spoke slowly and stumbled over some of his words, but he ultimately gave detailed responses, the donor said. The president seemed to have "lost a step," the donor said, but he didn't seem impaired. ... --Sister Toljah quoting WSJ

That is genuinely inane "reporting."

That "donor" just dropped at least $25K, probably $100K or perhaps a $Million or more into Biden's pocket.

Do you seriously expect that "donor" to say that Biden is completely out of it, and ipso facto admit that he just dumped a huge wad into a late-stage pants-pooping Big A victim?

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