Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Citizen or NON-Citizen Voting?

As usual, the Democrats lie about the "SAVE" Act which will require proof-of-citizenship to vote in Federal elections.  (Democrats lie because that's what they do.)

Biden Admin says, "The alleged justification for this bill is based on easily disproven falsehoods."

FALSE: Noncitizens and illegal immigrants have been detected, tried and convicted, and caught admitting their crimes on video on numerous occasions. (View Documentation)

Biden Admin says, "States already have effective safeguards to verify voters’ eligibility and maintain the accuracy of voter rolls."

FALSE: Only the states of Arizona and Georgia attempt to verify the citizenship of voter registrations beyond the Yes/No citizenship question on the form, which noncitizens can and do lie about, and Arizona admits to giving federal ballots to those who will not or cannot prove citizenship.
There is no verification of citizenship required by law or checked on the county, state, or federal level.

Biden Admin says, "
It is extraordinarily rare for noncitizens to break the law by voting in Federal elections."

FALSE: It is rare for authorities to investigate and charge noncitizens for illegally registering and voting in US elections, but that does not mean they are not doing it. The growing volume of evidence (Heavily Censored) indicates noncitizen voters are a real and widespread problem....

Just get Biden's BFF Tammy Baldwin on the record.  Sure, she'll get all the illegals and resident non-citizens to vote for her, but so what?  They've been doing that for years.

We just want to see her vote on this one.

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