Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Vox *Hearts* Mel. Ignorance Rampant!

Apparently Mel Gibson wrote a love-letter to Abp. Vigano.

Vox approves and adds all the usual anti-Catholic claptrap used by every ignorant twit for several centuries, even though he attempts to gain approval by inserting "Vatican Two" into his rant.  It's an update, ya'know.

Gibson and Vox both have extraordinary talents.  But not in matters of Canon Law.


Anonymous said...

And you have talents in cannon law?

Credentials please oh critic of everything!

Dad29 said...

I rely on real experts, such as Cdl. Burke.

Have better than that?

Dad29 said...

But here's a REAL Trad non-lawyer who can read English: https://akacatholic.com/bellarmine-on-trial-setting-the-record-straight/

Anonymous said...

will take a look

Anonymous said...


....I agree with this:As such, I came to realize that I am duty bound to warn others that accepting the Council will undoubtedly lead to a loss of Catholic faith. It was at this point that I was embraced by the so-called “traditionalists,” and invited to publish in their journals and speak at their conferences.

I’ve been a invited speaker at a number of Catholic Family News Conferences, Fatima Conferences, SSPX Conferences, and Catholic Identity Conferences. I met numerous great people and made some lasting friendships along the way.

Fast forward to the present day: I now find myself unwelcome in all of these venues.

My crime? I simply embraced what the Church has always taught with respect to membership in the Church, as well as her ecclesiology, and applied it to the present situation. In this way, I have to come to draw two very important, and eminently unavoidable conclusions:

One, Jorge Bergoglio is not a member of the Mystical Body of Christ of any rank. He simply does not meet the requirements of membership in the Church – not my requirements – but those proposed by the Church herself. Furthermore, the conciliar church in Rome, because its authoritative teachings endanger souls, cannot be the one true Church of Christ who is a Holy Mother.

This latter point means that the men who sat, or sit, at the head of the conciliar counterfeit church, cannot also be true heads of the Holy Catholic Church. This to me is just Catholic common sense........