Sunday, March 31, 2024

He Is Risen, Indeed!

 Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

He is Risen!


Aurora Lucis Gregorian Chant Easter Hymn

— Gerard Manley Hopkins
Break the box and shed the nard;
Stop not now to count the cost;
Hither bring pearl, opal, sard;
Reck not what the poor have lost;
Upon Christ throw all away:
Know ye, this is Easter Day.
Build His church and deck His shrine;
Empty though it be on earth;
Ye have kept your choicest wine—
Let it flow for heavenly mirth;
Pluck the harp and breathe the horn:
Know ye not ‘tis Easter morn?
Gather gladness from the skies;
Take a lesson from the ground;
Flowers do ope their heavenward eyes
And a Spring-time joy have found;
Earth throws Winter’s robes away,
Decks herself for Easter Day.
Beauty now for ashes wear,
Perfumes for the garb of woe.
Chaplets for disheveled hair,
Dances for sad footsteps slow;
Open wide your hearts that they
Let in joy this Easter Day.
Seek God’s house in happy throng;
Crowded let His table be;
Mingle praises, prayer and song,
Singing to the Trinity.
Henceforth let your souls alway
Make each morn an Easter Day.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Sheen talks about celebrating Easter in a world that seems more like Good Friday... Evil has its hour but God has His day. Unless there is a Good Friday there will never be an Easter Sunday,vid:_0GD0izauiw,st:0

Grim said...

Happy Easter.