Saturday, March 30, 2024

Dangerous New Emissions Regs

Following on the new (and ridiculous) car- and light truck-emissions standards, Biden's EPA has mandated dangerous regs for heavy trucks and school buses.

... The agency is projecting that the heavy-duty vehicle emissions standards for model years 2027 to 2032 could result in zero-emission or electric vehicles (EVs) making up 25% of new long-haul trucks sold and 40% of all new medium-sized truck sales by 2032, according to The New York Times....

Yah, so?

... “[American Trucking Association] opposes this rule in its current form because the post-2030 targets remain entirely unachievable given the current state of zero-emission technology, the lack of charging infrastructure and restrictions on the power grid,” ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said in a statement. “Given the wide range of operations required of our industry to keep the economy running, a successful emission regulation must be technology neutral and cannot be one-size-fits-all. Any regulation that fails to account for the operational realities of trucking will set the industry and America’s supply chain up for failure.”...

So just cut out all that eating that you do.  Grocery stores may not have food.

We said "dangerous" for a reason.  The regs also apply to school buses.

Remember what happens when a battery-case is broken in an electric car?

Can you unload 60 5-12 year-old kids from a school bus in less than 2 minutes?

Further:  right now, an empty 72-passenger school bus weighs 14 tons.  Add a couple of tons for a battery.  Yes, that means FAR greater stopping distances, not to mention road damage from weight.

But hey!  The Green Goddess will be happy.

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