Saturday, December 31, 2022

Your Minder at General Dynamics

All these years, you thought General Dynamics built stuff--like ships of war, tanks, Gulfstream jets....

That's what they want you to thinkBecause they, too, are spying on you.

...The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), specifically created as an outcome of the post-911 Patriot Act, is the pivot point on the surveillance radar sweep.

Prior to the DNI the general Intelligence Community (IC) surveillance faced offshore and swept foreign adversaries. If any threat was picked up that included the potential for domestic terrorism, the identified contact transferred from the CIA, NSA, DoD into the DOJ and FBI.  The DOJ then used the FISA Court to request transfer of targeting from foreign to domestic.

However, after 911 it was determined the national security surveillance radar needed to sweep a full 360° to include domestic surveillance.  The ODNI was the office created to manage the pivot point.  As a specific outcome of the Patriot Act, American citizens were now under the same surveillance as foreign adversaries. ... was specifically Barack Obama and Eric Holder who saw an opportunity with the newly created system.  The result, DHS domestic surveillance was weaponized.  The timing of this DHS contract (2010) to General Dynamics for “media monitoring and social media support” fits perfectly in line with the known timeline of how DHS was weaponized....

 Nice to know, eh?

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