Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mgr. Swetland, Islamic "Peace", Robert Spencer, and Common Sense

Earlier we referred to a high-stakes debate between Mgr. Swetland and Robert Spencer in which the Monsignor holds that Spencer's concerns about Islam are (in effect) endangering Spencer's eternal salvation.  Mgr. Swetland (and an anonymous commenter on my first post) propose that the Pope(s) has the authority to define Islam as a "religion of peace."

Well, maybe.  More likely:  maybe not.

....Fr. Swetland is a dissenter from common sense. The pages of history, the daily news, and Islam’s sacred texts all attest to the fact that Islam is not a religion of peace. Or, to quote the Ayatollah Khomeini, “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those are witless.” Khomeini was an Ayatollah Usma, a “Grand Sign of God”—an honor bestowed only on the most learned religious leaders....

The larger problem for Mgr. Swetland (and the Church) is here:

...Church authorities are engaged in what amounts to a cover-up of Islam’s aggressive nature, and Msgr. Swetland is a prime example of this ecclesiastical determination to put a positive spin on everything Islamic. But the stakes involved in doing so are extremely high. As I wrote last week, “as the gap widens between what Church officials say about Islam and what ordinary Catholics can see with their own eyes, the credibility of the Church may once again come into question as it did during the sex abuse scandals.”...

Chesterton observed that in the end, the Church is 'the church of common sense.'  Mgr. Swetland would have it otherwise?

Let me be clear:  no Catholic is allowed to judge the state of the souls of others.  But every Catholic is allowed to judge the actions of others.  Catholics are also allowed to judge the writings of others, including those of Mahomet.  Islam is, indeed, a heresy.  And what flows from that heresy is murder.

HT:  Canon 212


Anonymous said...

Yep. The guy in the attached video gets it.

Anonymous said...

Spencer gives an interview,

The Interviewer asks Spencer this question:

......In an astonishing remark made recently during an interview, Pope Francis conceded that conquest is “inherent to the soul of Islam” but immediately after he added that the same idea of conquest can be found at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, when Jesus sends his disciples to all the nations. What would you like to say about his statement?....

Spencer replies and it is priceless.

.......It was one of the most appalling statements ever to come from a man who has a history of appalling statements. The call to “make disciples of all nations” is one to preach the Gospel, not to take up arms to conquer and subjugate. That the Pope would equate the two was a manifestation of a moral myopia of monstrous proportions.........

Wow. "a moral myopia of monstrous proportions"

Yep thats our Jesuit Pope.