Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Why "Choice"? Because Success!

An old column (1981) from Walter Williams, recalled by Fred, and excerpted at ColdFury:

...On the Science Research Associates (SRA) exam, a standardized test of academic achievement, the average reading ability of eighth graders in Washington’s Catholic schools in 1979-80 was at the 52nd percentile, compared to the national norm, and at the 72nd percentile, compared to big-city norms — that is, above average. In arithmetic, the percentiles were 60 and 75 above average. In science, they were 53 and 66 — again, above average. In none of the subjects tested, which included composition, “language arts,” and social studies, were scores as low as the 50th percentile....

Go to the link above for even more of the same.

The teachers' union folks tell you that educating poor minority students is impossible.

Well.  We can respond that "With God, ALL things are possible."

That kind of talk--in the near future--might draw a sentence in Federal prison, of course.

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