Monday, August 08, 2016

Darwin Award in Madison, WI

So.  Have a band at your wedding?  The band needs a LOT of electric power for its music??

In Madison, the solution is simple:  rent a portable generator just for the band!!

And run it INSIDE the building. 

...As paramedics were helping the person, they were approached by other guests concerned about an odor in the building and a generator running indoors, officials said....

Teh Stupid, It Hurts!


Anonymous said...

I think that Darwin Award needs to be going to Trump and gun advocates everywhere. There's nothing that should make the skin of a Christian crawl like a gun owner. Trump's words, and the gun lobby's cheers, prove that all gun owners are potential assassins. Pope Francis: Those in the gun industry are not Christians.

Abolish the 2nd amendment.

Dad29 said...

You "think", eh?