Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fires and Riots in MKE

The question is not 'whether it started.'

The question is 'whether it will end here.'

There's way too much fog of war to quickly determine if this was a good shoot; the body-cam will tell the tale.

What's interesting--in a bad way--is how fast the rioters got to the scene and lit up a few cars and buildings.  One suspects that the real troublemakers were merely waiting for an event--ANY event--so they could escalate.

One can hope that last night was the end of it.  But the State Fair is still running and the Fair had troubles a few years back.

P.S.:  that gas station on Burleigh/Sherman was in the news, not in a good way, a few weeks back.  Clearly, the place was targeted.

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RAG said...

Right on, bro.