Sunday, August 21, 2016

RoJo, You Had ONE Job

Yah, it's a meme.  But you know what?  It fits.

...Republicans are heading to November’s White House loss for one overarching reason. They decided to do nothing controversial, to play it safe, and to make sure, above all else, that they were not disliked. The result is a party that was perceived by many of its early tea party supporters as cowardly, unwilling to hold Barack Obama accountable, and too beholden to special interests instead of willing to keep promises...

And it won't be just the White House.

Remember RoJo's Madison speech at the Tea Party rally?  Yah, I do.  I was there.  RoJo told everyone there that he had only ONE ambition:  to dump ObozoCare.

One job, RoJo.

...I remember when John Cornyn threatened a government shutdown over the debt ceiling. How dare the party faithful think he really intended to fight. I remember Mitch McConnell telling voters that if you gave them the Senate they’d stop executive amnesty. There were no footnotes about vetoes and overrides or plans to punt to the federal courts. There were, however, a series of moving goal posts designed to obfuscate, walk back, and minimize every campaign promise made...

Maybe Trump will pull it off.  But I don't know about RoJo.

Republicans in Congress over the past two years have fought on nothing, even though they were elected to fight on everything. - See more at:

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