Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Say Whaaaat, Donald?

The Donald demonstrates that his mouth outruns his brain.  Again.

This time he cracked wise about "2nd Amendment people".  The fever-swamp MSM and radical Lefties (I repeat myself deliberately) concluded that Trump was calling for assassination of HRC, or speculating that "2A" people would do that.  Trump "clarified" himself by covering his remark with pure bullshit--something about 'the strength and unity of the NRA blahdeeblahhdoooblah.'

This confused Paul Ryan, who declared that the remark was a poorly-executed
*cough* joke, or something.

Grim has it.

...The media is following the Clinton line that this remark by Trump was an "apparent Clinton assassination threat."... They really don't seem to get what we're doing here, and so they think that the [Gadsden] flag somehow must be a coded signal for white animosity -- rather than a clear and obvious signal that the government had better respect its constitutional limits and stop treading on our traditional freedoms....

...What the 2nd Amendment people endorse is the idea that the 2nd Amendment protects the capacity for a second American revolution. Now, you might say: "Revolutions are even more violent than assassinations! What kind of people would endorse revolution as a solution to political problems?"

Well, Bernie Sanders talked about it all last year. In fact, "time for a revolution!" is a standard line on the left.  So let's not pretend that suggesting a revolution is somehow beyond the pale in American politics.

When we do it, we are thinking of the same people who gave us the Culpepper and Gadsden flags, as well as the Plattsburg flag, as well as the American flag

Yah, the media is ignorant--and fat and comfy, which is one of the causes of their ignorance.

But that's not all.  Grim also cites another writer, at Vox:

...When Trump called on “Second Amendment people,” people argued that what he said was no different from pro–gun rights tropes like “you can have my guns when you take them from my cold dead hands.”...

The problem with treating Donald Trump as the conservative id, though, is that Trump isn’t a conservative. He’s not saying things he believes because he doesn’t know he’s not supposed to say them; he’s saying things he doesn’t believe because he thinks other people do

Remember what I said above, that being fat and comfy is one of the causes of ignorance?  Behold, The Donald.


Trump or Nothing said...

Last I heard the Lord Jesus Christ was not eunning for the Presidency. Trump is not the Devil that Hillary Clinton is. And we absolutely DO have the moral obligation, especially as Catholics to do all we can to keep such evil people out of public office.

It was not that many years ago that scum like the Clintons, the obama creature, Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Reid, and ALL known graitors would have been kidnapped, tarred and feathered or HUNG or SHOT. How I long for the good old days.

Post this or not. I do not care. You will read my words but I will not be reading yours. I am older and nastier than you are and I bet Chesterton would likely bitchslap you over things you have posted.

You do no service to this country by trying to divide conservative leaning people over Mr. Trump. So stop that.

Dad29 said...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Dale Day said...

I've followed your blog for some time and thought you were an intelligent, thoughtful individual who seeks to keep this nation free and growing.

I therefore find it difficult to continue to read your clearly biased posts making claims that are untrue. In no way did Trump ever incite violence from gun owners. All he did was point out the political clout of the NRA and its members.

Are you so small that, with the defeat of your own dear candidate, you are blinded to the evil presented by Clinton? I really thought better of you.

Dad29 said...

Dale, I strongly urge you to take remedial reading lessons. Nowhere in that post did I personally suggest that The Donald--a huckster blowhard twit--advocated violence.

As to the rest: let it burn.