Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Chant Revolution in Milwaukee

Lo and behold!

Two western parishes in the Milwaukee Archdiocese have announced that they will launch Gregorian Chant choirs (scholae) beginning this Fall.  Those would be St. Mary's (Visitation of the BVM) in Elm Grove and St. Jerome's in Oconomowoc.

It remains to be seen whether either will be successful, and what the programs will bring to the Masses in those parishes, of course.

In discussing this with a friend, he was a bit skeptical, saying that perhaps all this is merely 'fashionable.' 

My response:  So What?  It's about time that what is right is fashionable.


GOR said...

Would not surprise me. St. Mary's Visitation already has a Cantor chanting the Propers of the Mass on Sundays and is soliciting singers for various choirs.

The parish also promotes Musica Oramus with the backing of the Pastor - Fr. Berger, its Spiritual Director - with an emphasis on both Ordinary and Extraordinary Mass celebrations.

Badger Catholic said...