Thursday, December 18, 2014

Will NASA Give Back This $349 Million, Mr. Sensenbrenner?

Over the years, Jim Sensenbrenner has insisted that the US spend lotsa money on NASA.  No doubt he was joined by others, such as the senile, doddering Thad Cochran.  (As you recall, Cochran "won" a close primary race due to (R) Ruling Class ....ahhh.....trickery and deceit.)

Anyhow--amid the $3 billion or so that's been wasted by NASA over the years, we find a large chunk of it here:

...The A-3 test stand tower was built to test the effects of the vacuum of space on new rocket engines and had been in the works since the year 2007....

....Initially the program was to have cost a mere $119 million and was scheduled to be completed by 2010. But in that same year, budget cuts and new priorities ended the rocket program for which the test facility was being constructed.

Yet, construction on the Mississippi facility continued regardless of the fact that even if completed, the tests meant to be carried out there would never be conducted.

Apparently in June, as soon as the construction was successfully completed on the A-3 test stand, the whole facility was shut down and locked up, never to be used again.

Merry Christmas, US taxpayer!!

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