Thursday, December 11, 2014

What Our Congressmen Are Doing to Us: BOHICA

Today the House will take up a $1.1 trillion spending bill which fully funds ObozoCare, allows banks to retain derivatives on their books (thus forcing taxpayers to bail out their $Zillion errors through FDIC), funds SCOAMF's amnesty, funds Holder's race-war, and continues the exponential increase of the national debt.  It does not "bend the cost-curve" on ANY Federal spending in any meaningful way, period; as a matter of fact, it will bust through Ryan's "spending limits" of only 1 year ago no matter the lying weasel Rogers' claims.

Sensenbrenner and Ryan will vote for it.*  Ron Johnson, if he objects, will not force this to stop through filibuster, even though Ron Johnson will attempt to spray foo-foo dust to blind you to his supine acquiescence.  (Remember the RoJo who was going to repeal ObozoCare?  Yah.  I met THAT RoJo.)

Hayward, again:

...You only had once chance to vote against this, although of course the vote was not portrayed that way at the time.  Repeal is impossible, liberty taken can never be returned, the State never gets smaller… that’s not just ObamaCare, it’s the story we hear about every Big Government catastrophe.  The frustration we feel about this unbroken continuum of disappointment, this relentless process of growth through failure, is useful to statists, because it is a form of despair.  Some of us accept the notion of ambitious but under-performing government, because it’s just the way things are, the New Normal, and even when we “purchase” Big Government with cold, hard ballots while blinded with fraud and deception, no returns are ever allowed.  Some of us nurse our resentment of the system that takes advantage of us, but conclude we can never defeat it.  We admit that those who profit from the system will always defend it more vigorously than dissenters try to reform it....

Here's the Ron Johnson line, clarified by Hayward:

...You rubes would have made everything so much worse without our brilliant guidance.  Don’t you dare start daydreaming about what might have happened, if we didn’t tax, spend, and regulate like mad!  Don’t you dare hold us to the standards we set when we tricked you into giving us power!  No matter how inadequate our work might be, it’s still far better than what you could have done on your own.  You can’t be trusted to defend yourself, educate your children, sell your labor, provide for your family, or show charity towards those in dire need.  Without us, you would all be in dire need....

We sent spineless ciphers who have become despicable liars, purchased by The Ruling Class which has invaded and which now occupies Washington, D.C.

Our children's children wil righteously piss on our graves for this.

*Ryan and Sensenbrenner will vote for 'the Rule' which allows this vote.  The Rule-vote is the vote that counts.  Sensenbrenner will then vote against the legislation itself and play hero.  This is the game that he will run on us.

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