Sunday, December 28, 2014

Journal-Sentinel's Perception Dead-On!

This morning, the perception of Milwaukee's Journal-Sentinel headline editors shows:

On the right-hand side:

1-Year Old Boy Killed by Shots Fired Into Home

On the left-hand side:

Already Polarized, State's Fault-Lines Now Wider, Deeper

Since the former incident is one of half-a-dozen similar ones in the past 60 days, I'd say they're right. 

Of course, the JS' editors mean to tell us that the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevilllllllllllllll conservatives are ruling the State.

What they're actually saying:  the City of Milwaukee, Socialist or Democrat-ruled since 1940 or so (seventy-some YEARS) is......ahhh......different from most of the rest of the State.



Deekaman said...

Leftists thrive on division. In order to "fundamentally transform" this country, there must be division and chaos.

All politicians derive their power from division of the people. Leaders derive their power from bringing everyone together.

Anonymous said...

I could have swore the Socialists had power in Milwaukee far longer than that. One thing they're great at - laying blame on everybvody except themselves and their biggest backers.