Friday, December 05, 2014

The Strategy for 2016

Gotta say I like this one.

...We can't just vote against all of these assholes because we can't just put the Democrats into power.
On the other hand, we can also not support them when they are constantly lying to us and Gruberizing America by forcing crap on us we object to.

So here's my plan.

We take 7-10 Congressmen out in 2016.

We'd still have the majority so taking out 7-10 of them doesn't hurt us. But it does inflict a serious penalty on those Congressmen themselves, as well as serving notice to the Class of 2018 that we will not be defied with impunity.

My idea is that we pick 7-10 of the biggest assholes on our side and just vote for the Democratic challenger in 2016. Like Hal Rodgers. He should be on the list.

Boehner too.

Add McCarthy, Sensenbrenner, and Paul Ryan to the list.

More to follow as this matures.  Yes, I can (and WILL) vote (D) to move slime out of the area.

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