Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chisholm's Riot

After the death of Dontre Hamilton, District Attorney Chisholm, a nasty little Lefty, has a problem.  Local folks, recently joined by out-of-State professional organizers (read:  Communists and anarchists), are demanding that the MPD cop involved in the death be prosecuted on a criminal count of either murder (in some degree) or manslaughter (in some degree.)

MPD's chief fired the officer, but only after allowing the officer to apply for "duty disability".  That application is still pending but under Wisconsin regulatory law is likely to be approved.  The chief is under fire from the police union, but has temporarily escaped the Outrage Machine's ire due to his personnel action.

Meantime, Chisholm temporized.  He excused his malingering with stories about calling in half a dozen alphabet-soup Fed and State agencies, investigators, and other "reviewers" to winnow, sift, and comb through the evidence.  He continues to temporize to this day.

That's because Chisholm can not win at trial against the cop.

That hasn't set will with Hamilton's family (who, in fairness, should get some sort of closure).  And when the outsiders got involved, things became a lot more .........ahhh.........interesting.  The Enraged have now marched onto Interstate highways twice and consequently won overnight passes to the Graybar Hotel, which is exactly what the Communist and Anarchist organizers wanted.

Now we are reliably told that every police and sheriff's agency from Appleton south to the State line is on 24-hour alert, joining the National Guard in preparation for the potential of a race riot in Milwaukee.

In other words, Chisholm's failure of nerve--his political cowardice--may well eventuate in a full-blown riot.  This will include all the usual destruction, fires, looting, injuries, and perhaps deaths, which accompany such events.

Aficionados of schadenfreude will contrast this story with Chisholm's reckless and vindictive persecution of conservatives, noting that Chisholm has a lot more courage when he has all the guns on his side (if not the law itself).


We hereby move to refer to the riot, should it occur, as "Chisholm's Riot."  It's a well-deserved dishonor for an eminently dishonorable Democrat politician.

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