Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RoJo Goes All-RINO

Sen. Ron Johnson has now made it clear:  he's gone to the Ruling Class (RINO flavor) and left all that "Constitution stuff" behind him, just like those campaign promises about ObozoCare.

This is the story. A gutless House agreed to fund Obama’s amnesty program. They didn’t have to, they chose to....

... When the bill arrived in the Senate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)94% wanted to make the point that the president does not have the authority to rewrite US statutes based on imperial whim. He forced the Senate to vote on a point of order on the Constitutionality of the president’s actions.

That vote came just before the Senate voted to fund the (un-Constitutional) amnesty-action of SCOAMF.

And Senator Ron Johnson took the position that SCOAMF's action is just fine and dandy.

Yah, we know you'll be on Jay Weber's show trying to make this turd into a golden egg.  But a lot of us know the truth about you.

More on the topic from Hayward:

...you’d better believe the trans-party Establishment is going to get even with anyone who threatens to spoil their winter spending festival, especially if they have the unmitigated gall to make the princes of Washington work on a Saturday.  Spending that trillion bucks is a drop-dead emergency, you see, but not so much of an emergency that we should expect our lavishly compensated “representatives” to surrender one of their 250 days off....

 By the way, the lie that '[Cruz and Lee's action] allowed Reid to jam through all of SCOAMF's rotten nominations' came directly from Reid, and was knowingly repeated by the usual RINO suspects.  That's made clear by Hayward, backing up what Erickson posted yesterday.

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