Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Did JPMorgan Thank You?

Most people know that the "Cromnibus" budget contained a provision which will--potentially--bail out the Too Big To Fail banks.

Not everyone knows that JPMorgan Chase was the principal beneficiary of that bailout.

See, JPMChase had already FAILED its Basel stress-test before Cronmibus.  Had a real-life crisis emerged--not impossible at all--JPMChase could have lost $35 billion.

That would have negatively impacted their bonus payments, among other things.

So now that the taxpayer (you) is going to bail out Jamie & Co., did they send you a "thank-you" note?

They surely sent one to Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan, and Reid Ribble, and whats-his-name Duffy.

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