Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jay Weber Is Simply Wrong

Jay Weber apparently has swallowed copious amounts of Christmas cheer a bit early this year.

This morning, he dutifully read from the script (provided by RoJo?  McConnell?) which would have us believe that Cruz's crusade for the Constitution enabled Harry Reid to confirm all of SCOAMF's nominees.

Oh, yah.  It's all Cruz' fault.

There are people who have been in Washington for a long, long, time.  One of them is Jeffrey Lord, who came to DC in the Reagan Administration while Mr. Weber was still in high school.

...There are four problems with the anti-Cruz scenario. The first is that on Dec. 9, days before Cruz threw a wrench in the works, Reid signaled his intention to confirm all of Obama's remaining nominees, no matter how long it took....

...Does that sound like a majority leader who is ready to pack up and go home without passing his party's nominees? No, it doesn't. And that leads to the second problem with the scenario, which is the nature of Harry Reid himself. It is simply impossible to believe that the man who made the Senate pass Obamacare on Christmas Eve would abandon the president's nominees out of the goodness of his heart...

...The third problem with the scenario is Reid's authority as majority leader. He can keep the Senate in session whenever he wants...

...the fourth problem with the scenario is Reid's filibuster "reform." The whole point of Reid's exercise of the so-called "nuclear option" was to make it possible for Democrats to roll over Republicans when it came to confirming the president's nominees. Yes, GOP lawmakers could force brief delays in such confirmations, but when push came to shove -- as it did at the end of a session with the Democratic majority set to disappear — Reid could muscle through any nominee for whom he had 51 votes. And so he did; if there was any single factor that accounted for the rush of year-end confirmations, that was it....

Whether you like Ted Cruz or not, believing the (R) establishment's line is the political equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny.

Except the Easter Bunny drops goodies.  The (R) establishment's droppings are--in this case, as in many others, bovine excrement.

Sorry, Jay, but you are simply wrong.

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