Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Obozo, Provoking a Revolution

No wonder that some heavy-hitter (D) slime are openly breaking from ObozoCare.  On Thanksgiving Eve, Teh SCOAMF issued even more illegal and un-Constitutional regulations.

..Obama will require large employers to provide more coverage than the Affordable Care Act specifies. The move disqualifies plans now offered by 1,600 employers to 3 million workers, according to Kaiser Health News. Those employers will have to find a way to cover the higher costs — and some will surely do so by stopping coverage for spouses or part-time workers.

The new rules suddenly treat state high-risk pools as adequate coverage under the Affordable Care Act — a 180 from what the law actually says.

The rules tell insurers to give new enrolees a 30-day grace period during which they can continue to use doctors not in their plan’s network....

Speaking of bailouts, Sec. 1342 of the law promises taxpayer-funded bailouts to insurers who lose money selling plans on ObamaCare exchanges. But the bailouts can’t happen unless Congress appropriates the money, something the GOP-controlled Congress won’t want to do.[*] Yet the new Federal Register notices explicitly double down on the administration’s pledge to make insurers whole if losses are bigger than expected.

*Nah.  Surrender-Monkey Boehner will roll over on this, too.  Just watch.

One wonders if Obozo will leave the Oval Office the same way GWB did, or whether the tar-and-feathers will slow him down a bit.

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