Tuesday, December 30, 2014

He's a Jebby. It's What They Do.

The report that Pope Francis will jaw-jaw the UN over "emissions" (if accurate) is not too surprising to anyone who's familiar with the Jesuits.

They're called "Jebbies" for a reason; it's a term which has a connotation calling to mind the slightly daft but loveable uncle you entertain every Christmas.  You politely listen to his rants and excuse yourself from the room, rolling your eyes. 

Over the past 50 years, the Jebbies have written popsicle-music for the liturgy, lost about 70% of their numbers, and--locally--attempted to quash a non-PC discussion in a college classroom.

So yah; the Pope says stuff that Jebbies say.  Meh.


Anonymous said...

Shhh. Pope (Emeritus) Benedict XVI said the same things. In fact, he was known as the Green Pope. But, since that doesn't serve your Protestant inspired papal smear campaign, we'll just look the other way. ;-)

Ideologue or just uninformed?

Dad29 said...

At the UN?

Perhaps you can supply documentation from your college in North Noplace, WI?

Anonymous said...

North Noplace? I don't follow. But, I am going to go ahead and assume that you're no scholar of the Catholic Land Movement. Quelle surprise.

I never said "at the UN." Maybe you should polish your reading skills. The Common Core reading comprehension program can help. But, I digress.

As far as the Green Pope himself is concerned, here's something from the National Geographic. It's brief. So, you stand a chance of understanding it. I realize your lingua franca comes packaged in ideological talking points.

Link: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/02/130228-environmental-pope-green-efficiency-vatican-city/

Also, here's a companion piece from the UK's Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/blog/2013/feb/12/pope-benedict-xvi-first-green-pontiff

By the way, Papa Benedetto addressed the same climate conference. But, I'll bet you missed that. Here's a background piece on Benedict's green theology.

Link: http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Item/3087/the_green_pope_and_a_human_ecology.aspx

Regarding Jebbie numbers, Super Pope drew six million pilgrims to the Vatican this year.

Your move.

James Pawlak said...

We have a "Jebbie" university in Milwaukee; Too bad is is not Catholic.

Sometimes I wonder why the Church did not finalize the suppression of that dis-Order.

Dad29 said...

Poor Anony. I hope it's the condescension that's making you blind, and somewhat blinkered, not the usual cause for sub-adults like you.

6 million. So what?

The myth of Global Warming? So what?

Stewardship is "green," and that's a good thing. Responding to mythology--well--whether Benedict or Bergoglio, it's So What?

Doesn't change the thrust of my post, nor the other facts therein.


GOR said...

I am not a fan of what some people call ‘Pope-olatry’. Maybe it’s because I have lived through all or part of seven papal reigns. There were things I liked and disliked about all of them. Some I read assiduously - others, not so much. But I respected all of them as Successors of St. Peter – and I even have some misgivings about Peter, also!

Pius XII was the benchmark – being the Pope of my youth, just seen from afar and not seeking the limelight. St. John XXIII was a likeable grandfatherly type who had a sense of humor and didn’t take himself too seriously. But he was responsible for Vat II.

Paul VI reminded me of Pius; will always be connected with the liturgical abuses of our time, but gave us Humanae Vitae. John Paul I smiled his way into our hearts - all too briefly – but, reportedly, might not have agreed with Humanae Vitae. St. John Paul II was a giant, but given to the limelight and didn’t clean house. Pope Benedict is a rock, but not a rock star. I regret his retirement, but understand it. Pope Francis is a mystery, remaining to be solved.

Regardless, my faith doesn’t depend on the fallible successors of Peter, nor should it. All are Vicars of the only One we should have faith in – Jesus Christ. It is on this that we will be judged.